Map Behaviour

These settings allow us to configure how map behaves for various events. Map Controls

Zoom to visible data

This setting will zoom the map to show all visible data whenever there is a change in data. This includes initial map load and when there is a change in data trigger by slicer or drill down / up event.

This setting overrides Map center and zoom level settings in Map Projection. When turned on this visible data extent takes precedence over map center and zoom level.

This setting is turned On by default. This behaviour is overridden when Zoom to highlight is turned On.

Zoom to highlight

This setting will zoom map to highlighted data when a selection is made on other visuals in the report. This setting overrides Zoom to visible data setting.

This setting is turned On by default.

Map won't zoom to selections made on the map using selection control. Applicable only for cross highlighting

Max Zoom level

Max zoom level controls the maximum allowed zoom when map auto zooms to visible or highlighted data extent. This setting will prevent the map from zooming too close to a feature, useful when working with points.

Highlight on hover

This setting will highlight a feature when mouse is hovered over them, this is turned on by default.

  • Points are highlighted by increasing their size
  • Lines are highlighted by increasing their width
  • Polygons are highlighted by increasing hovered features border width

Polygons are not highlighted when border width is 0

Highlight selected

This setting will highlight selected features from unselected features on the map, this is turned on by default.

  • Features are unhighlighted by increasing their transperancy by 60%
  • Features are highlighted similar to Highlight on hover by increasing their size or width.

If data style has transperancy over 40%, then unselected features will not be visible.

Allow Interaction

This setting allow user interaction with map control to zoom and pan the map, when disabled users cannot change map extent. Zoom interaction using zoom control, selection interactions like click and selection control are still allowed.

Useful when we desire a static map extent while still allowing users to select features on map. This setting is turned On by default.

Select on click

This setting will allow users to select a single feature on map by clicking on them, this is enabled by default. This is a convenient way of selecting features without having to use selection tool.

Similar to selection tool, multiple features can be selected by pressing ctrl or shift key while clicking on map.

Selection enabled

This setting is disabled by default. When turned On, this will place the map in selection mode at startup. Users won't be required to click on selection tool to enable selection mode. Clicking on selection tool will disable selection mode.

If Show Selection is turned off in Map Control map will always remain in selection mode.