Map Controls

These settings allow us to configure controls on the map. Map Controls


This setting controls the foreground colour for all map controls like zoom, selection etc. displayed on the map.

Background Colour

This setting controls the background colour for all map controls displayed on the map.

Show Zoom

Turning this On will display zoom in and out navigation controls on the map, this is turned off by default.

Show Selection

Turning this on will display selection control on the map. Freehand selection on the map can be activated when users click on this control and will stay on until users click on the control again. Selecting features on the map will cross highlight corresponding data points in other visuals.

Selecting a new location will clear previous selections, previous selections can be preserved by pressing ctrl or shift key while performing selection.

While in selection mode, mouse interaction will by default perform selection on map. However, we can still pan/move the map by pressing alt key while dragging the map. Mouse wheel can be used to zoom in and out of the map.

Show Scalebar

Turning this On will display a scalebar in the bottom left corner of the map. Unit used in the scalebar can be selected in Scalebar Units

Scalebar Units

This setting controls the map unit in which the scale is displayed in the scale bar. Units available are:

  • Metric, default
  • International Mile
  • Nautical Mile
  • Degrees

Expand Attribution

Attribution control allows us to provide attribution to data and service providers when their data is used. Attribution control is always displayed on the map and cannot be hidden.

Turning this On will expand attribution text and display by default at startup, texts are collapsed by default when this is turned off. Users can always view attribution by clicking on attribution control.