Label Settings

These settings define how features are labelled when Show Label is turned on in Data layer. Labels are decluttered to avoid overlapping label, as a result few labels may not be visible until users zoom closer.

Label Settings

Zoom Level

Some labels are more useful when they are displayed at a particular level, this setting defines zoom level at which labels are visible. Labels will be displayed only if the users zoom closer than specified zoom level.

Font Properties

Font Family, Font Size and Font Colour properties collectively define the font used for drawing labels on the map.

Border Properties

Border properties define highlights/border displayed around label. These settings are useful when we want to highlight the label from it's background.

  • Border Colour - Colour used to draw label border, default value is null
  • Border Width - Width of border around expressed in pixels.


Alignment property defines horizontal alignment of label relative to label position. Label position are depended on feature geometry. Point feature labels are positioned relative to feature coordinates. Line feature labels are placed along the line, such that the label follows the line. Polygon feature labels are placed relative to inner centroid coordinates.

  • Left - Label start is aligned to line start, or at label position
  • Center - Label center is aligned to line mid point, or at label position
  • Right - Label end is aligned to line end point, or at label position


Baseline property defines vertical alignment of label relative to label position. This setting behaves same as alignment-baseline property of SVG elements. Following baseline alignments are supported, Alphabetic, Bottom, Hanging, Ideographic, Middle and Top.


Offset settings can be used to offset label position providing more fine grain control on label placements. Label position can be offset in both X and Y direction. Values are expressed in pixel units.

Text Overflow

This setting defines how long text labels are handled. Following overflow options are available,

  • Normal - Texts are displayed as is with no change
  • Shorten - Long texts are shortened, texts over 12 characters are trimmed.
  • Wrap - Long texts are wrapped, Texts over 16 characters are wrapped such that each line has maximum 16 characters