Map Settings

Base map

Map Settings We can specify basemap used by map visual from Map settings. Basemaps are reference layers on which data is displayed to provide visual context and aesthetic apperance of map.

Data map by default supports base map from 3 providers:

  1. OpenStreetMap - This is the default option and is free to use. There are 3 colour variants of this basemap; colour, light and dark.
  2. MapTiler - API key protected basemaps, an API key is required to use this basemap.
  3. Mapbox - API key protected basemap from Mapbox, an API key is required to use this basemap.


API Key setting will be visible only when a MapTiler or Mapbox basemaps is selected. We can specify the access token or API key here to display these protected basemap.

Number of Data Layers

This setting can be used to specify numnber of data layers we wish configure. This controls number of data layer settings displayed.

If the visual supports drill down, this value would ideally be same as number of category fields defined in category field bucket.

Data layers are external spatial data sources such as a GeoJSON or KML file, an ArcGIS Feature service layer. Refer Data Layer settings for more details.