Measure Data Layer

Measure data layers are created from power BI datasets, fields added to measure field buckets are used.

  • Coordinates pair - Longitude / X-Coordinates and Latitude / Y-Coordinates field buckets can be used to create point features. Both these fields are required to create point features.
  • Well-known text (WKT) field bucket can be used to create point, line and polygon features. WKT are text representation of vector geomerties.

When both WKT and coordinates pair are specified, a WKT feature and a point feature using coordinates will be created. Measure data layer is always displayed above Data Layers

This section is visible only when coordinates or WKT field buckets have fields. These settings can be used to configure how measure data layer is drawn on the map.

Label Settings

Projection (EPSG code)

Projection setting can be used to specify the data projection, coordinates pair and WKT when specified should have same projection system. This should be a valid EPSG code, codes can be looked up at Default projection used is 4326 - WGS 84 which is essentially Latitude and Longitude.

Data is reprojected on the fly from this projection system to Map Projection, this allows us to use data from any projection system.

Below error will be thrown if a valid projection code is not provided, and the data will default to 4326. It is important that report designer updates projection to a valid EPSG code in the setting section.

This error dialog is displayed only in edit mode, in view mode it'll be a warning icon over the visual.



This setting can be used to provide data attribution, some data providers require attribution to be displayed when their data is displayed. Data attribution text will be displayed only when corresponding layer is displayed.

Show Label

This setting can be used to turn labels on/off for this layer. When turned on, labels will be drawn with settings defined in label settings section.


Label setting is required to display layer labels, conditional formatting can be used to specify a field for data driven label text.

Override Default Style

This setting can be used to override the default style specified in data style setting section. This setting is useful in styling a layer to stand out from other data layers.

When this setting is turned On additional settings are displayed which are identical to data style setting.