Map Projection

Map projection is a way to flatten spherical earth's surface to repesent it on a flat map.

Projection (EPSG Code)

Map Projections

This setting can be used to define the projection system used to display map. This should be a valid EPSG code, codes can be looked up at, default projection used is 3857 - WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator.

If a local projection system is used, then the map and data will be clipped to the well defined extent of the projection system. E.g. EPSG:3310 is a local projection for california, this projection system is not useful beyond california. When this projection is used map will be clipped to california's extent bounds.

Below error will be thrown if a valid projection code is not provided, and the map will default to 3857.

This error dialog is displayed only in edit mode, in view mode it'll be a warning icon over the visual.


Show Extent Values

This is a helper setting that can be used by report designers to get current map center, zoom level and visible extent. This is helpful if we want to center the map at a specific location and constrain users form navigating away from data extent.

Turning this On will display a panel at top right corner with map extent values, values can be copied using copy to clipboard icon.

This panel is displayed only in edit mode.

Show Extent

Map Center X / Y

These settings can be used to center map at a specific coordinate at startup, coordinates should be in the projection system specified in [Projection] Setting above.

Note: These settings are overridden if Zoom to visible data is turned on in Map Behaviour

Zoom Level

This setting can be used to define the zoom level for map at start up.

Constraint Map Extent

This setting can be used to constraint users from navigating beyond this extent. If your data is limited to a particular geography, it might be useful to turn this On. When turned on this will constrain the map to below map extent values.

Map Extent - X/Y - Min/Max

These settings define map extent and will be used to when Constraint Map Extent is tured on.